latest update: 14/12/03
We all use a computer, but how would you explain its operation? 

KV, a PC-based Elbug-Keyer for CW-Operators

Here is a simple DOS-program which emulates an elektronic keyer on your PC.
Main features are:

  • Key and View on the screen what you are sending with your paddle
  • compatible to most popular keyer circuits
  • wide speed range (10..82 wpm) 
  • compatible to N6TR contest-interface (schematic included)
  • displays actual effective keying speed

Click here to get a more detailed description and to view the interface circuit.

Click here to download the newest version (kv052.zip, 38kB, 14/12/2003).

More features will be added in the near future.

Feedback and comments are welcome, so please send your  !